Sale terms

The prices of our price list do not include: freight charges , Installation, assembly, connections and VAT

The delivery term stated in the order confirmation is provided on the average of 2 weeks for standard products barring unforeseen circumstances

The goods are always sold ex-works our warehouse in Colle Umberto; therefore freight charges are totally at buyer’s expense. The goods travel at the customer’s peril.

Payment to be agreed, in no event exceeding 60-90 days end of month

For deferred payments exceeding the agreed limits, accrued interests shall be effective starting from the day of expiry of the term prescribed for payment and they will be applied according to the outstanding rates

The warranty starts from the date of invoice and covers the components of the equipment for 12 months with exception of movable or removable plastic handles, glass parts, pilot lights and all possible accessories.

The warranty is valid only to the original purchaser and it doers not cover the replacement of the equipment. During this period the company will replace those parts defective in origin that must be returned to us free our plant with a regular delivery note stating the relevant invoice number and serial number of the equipment to which the part belong.

Any claim will be considered if made in writing within 8 days from receipt of goods

For customized equipment please always ask price and delivery terms in advance

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