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Privacy statement – Information according to art. 13 of Italian Law regarding personal data protection

Dear customer

In accordance to the art. 13 of Decree 196/2003, Mittel Group SRL, provides you the information regarding the processing of your personal data

1) Purpose of the data processing

Your personal data, supplied by you, will be processed for the purpose of transactions related to account, administration,fiscal, contractual operations and, more generally, all operations related to our business activities

2)Kind of data use

The processing of data is perormed by hand ( for istance on paper) and /or with the help of informatic devices to organize and process your data in connection with a.m.purposes and, anyway, under guarantee of security and confidentaility of yo9ur data in accordance to the law and to our DPS.

3) Data transmission

The data transmission is mandatory to comply the administrative requirements arising from the provision of a contract

4) Consequences of a refusal to answer

The refusal to data transfer will necessarily mean that businness relationships cannot be established or continued

5) Third parties to whom your data can be forwarded, are, for istance, Managing Director, Head of Department , Staff.

In addition to the emplyees of Mittel Group Srl, your data could be processed by third parties to which Mittel Group Srl entrust some activities or part of them to pursue the purposes of paragraph 1

In this case the parties will operate as independent subjects and they will be responsible for the data processing. Mittel Group Srl shall forward the responsible persons appropriate guidance in particular with regard to the minimum safety mesures to be able to ensure confidentiality and security of those data. The a.m. third parties can fundamentally divided into the following categories>a) consultants and experts in the filed of tax and financial consulting b) consultants and experts in the field of debt collections measuresc) companies entrusted with the marketing of our produtcsd)Financial management departments and according to statutory regulations authorized authorities.

6) Owner, Responsible and people in charge of data processing a have their seat in :

The owner of processing of your personal data


Via Calate, 6 /31014 Colle Umbertot (TV) / Responsible for the security and processing of data MITTEL GROUP SRL with seat in via Calate, 6 / 31014 Colle Umberto (TV).

With regard to the rocessing data, you may concern, you can contact the security in chargge of data processing in order to assert your rights as described in the following section 7. Your personal data are processed by the staff of Mittel Group Srl . Employees operate under the control of the owner of the data processing and they have been appointed as responsible amd they have received appropriate instructions.

7) Right to access personal data under Article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003

You always have access to your data and you can assert your rights under Art. 7 of the code for data processing reported at point 6).As well you can ask for the data source, change, update, an addition to incomplete data or the deletion or blocking of illegal data or deny thier use , stating legitimate reasons.


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