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For over 35 years we have been designing and manufacturing stainless steel tables, cabinets, sinks and wall units for the, large-scale distribution, naval, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Our range of proposals, all that can be tailored-made and with any type of customization, is the result of research based on constant monitoring of the evolution of the areas to which we address.

Our approach to the market is based on the ability to anticipate needs, offering solutions that combine advanced functionality and attention to the most advanced stylistic languages, combining ergonomics and elegant minimal aesthetics.

Perfection is a kept promise for us, the translation into practice of a quality that starts from the selection of materials, passes through processing criterias in which man's ability plays a leading role, and reaches impeccable results. This can be appreciated both in the details of our products, including for example the practically invisible joints, as in the durability of each individual component.

What all the Mittel products have in common is the unmistakable sign of "made in Italy", imprinted on the production chain, rigorously and regularly checked, a credential that we proudly exhibit not for pride, but because it attests our commitment to those who choose us.

We put the customer at the center of everything we do, both by directing them to the most appropriate choices through a qualified consultancy service, and by ensuring quick and punctual delivery, careful implementation and all the necessary assistance.

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